How real a threat is human kind to the environment?

It is without a doubt that those keen on the state of our environment globally has been degrading a lot faster in some places than others. Governments and organisation looking to stop this deterioration put in place laws, measures and messages to remind us to protect and join in on the efforts to not only preserve […]


Green buildings

  With more and more companies embracing green technology, construction companies have not been left behind in the move to creating new developments in the world of green technology. Green buildings look to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint in the environment. Buildings account for a large amount of land occupied, it is estimated that …

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Green technology

As word spreads on environmental deterioration more companies embrace use of environmental friendly technology either through ways involved in production, material used in production and the end products released into the market for the consumers.With regards to the recent news from the automobile industries today I will focus on the car manufacturing industries. With road …

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Reforestation and afforestation

In our efforts to make our planet greener, it is upon the planets cohabitant to restore forests that have been depleted because of mans need for fuel, settlement land and pursuit for a source of income. At my ancestral home in Vihiga, the Western part of Kenya, years back there once sat a beautiful forest …

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Illegal radioactive waste disposal

Why would the Kenyan president allow Kenya to host radioactive waste processing facility at Oloolua, located at the institute of primate research in Kajiado district? If the facility is allowed to proceed, Kenyans will without doubt pay dearly just like we have seen it happen recently through media reports where it was revealed that over 500 …

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Nuclear energy

Hello, today I raise a concern regarding nuclear power plant projects in developing nations such as Kenya which has plans to set up a nuclear plant to increase power output for it's speedy growing urban population and rapid growing manufacturing and processing industries. Weighing between the advantages and disadvantages of this the negative clearly over-weighs …

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