About us

We are a group bothered by the rate at which we are dumping waste across our planet polluting the environment by disposal of both organic and inorganic material. Our interest is to raise awareness about our beautiful planet, with the help of anyone who shares in the idea of conserving and protect the planets various animal and plant species, co-exist peacefully appreciating each others contribution to the circle of life.

In as much as I love and appreciate technology, all the life advancements made in respect to our lives on earth I believe we have sidelined the most important part which is the Eco-system. Technology and the environment on this planet depend on one another, we need to help make sure that as technology grows and advances, it does not lay to waste the foundation it is deeply rooted in…the Eco-system. Should the environment be destroyed then all the technology and life advancements will come crumbling down with humanity on the receiving end.

Let us all join hands to ensure these two, just like yin and yang, balance each other out. I hope everyone across the planet soon enough does see the need for this, help share the message and take care of the environment around them.


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