Environmental degradation

Is evident all over the globe and sadly extensive in some countries than others. Kenya for instance has seen it all from polythene bags sirturated landfills to open dumping of raw sewage in open fields and our rivers.

Local news on raw sewage dumping in residential areas
A section of the Nairobi river containing raw sewage and trash going by some of the residential houses adjacent to the Arboretum, near State house

Bodies put in charge to help put a stop to such practices such as the National Environmental Management Agency(NEMA) don’t seem to do much to prevent and punish those that engage in these harmful acts against the environment.

Not to imply that the above body has not done anything at all, when the Cabinet Secretary of Environment banned the use of plastic bags after they were found to be the leading cause of environmental pollution, was appreciated and seen as a good move to help protect the environment but is it enough when we see it as the only action in years from them? When the government moves to open up new industries to increase production of products that are dependant on use of plastic, when the already existing industries have not been checked to see if they observe all the regulations put in place to protect the environment from their waste, flower firms, mining and processing companies just to mention a few. What does NEMA do with the revenue it collects from developing and housing projects among other entities? Why do we still have Nairobi river flow with the sludge or raw sewage and trash today when this body was put in place to stop this level of pollution?

More needs to be done to protect our environment, NEMA to begin with could:

  • Launch a field study of all the residential homes, industries and estates to see which of them dump raw sewage, industrial waste and garbage into rivers and open fields, hefty penalties handed to those found to violate the environment in this manner.
  • Set up of more garbage and waste processing plants to take care of garbage from residential homes, food establishments and city dump containers; sewage and industrial waste.
  • See to it that sewage companies need to set up methods of collecting raw sewage in neighbourhoods which it is a major challenge to residents in places such as Kibera.
  • Establish of a countrywide annual activities that mark Environment Day with the rest of the world, be it through tree planting or donating to a common fund through buying of merchandise whose proceeds would go into projects aimed at strengthening the support for environmental conservation.
  • Take fast and unrelenting action by the Environmental agencies to curb polluters be it developers or industries without fear or favor.
  • Introduce environment protection practices in the curriculum especially for kids to encourage them to embrace the importance of looking after the environment from an early age by teaching them how to recycle, reuse, plant and look after trees within their schools and homes.
  • Set up contests for organisations, individuals, both learning and reaserch institutions to come up with innovations for what could be the best replacement for the plastic bags we heavily depend on to pack our products and yet want them off the stores and kiosks within a very short period of time.

A lot can be done to help curb pollution, individually, as organisations and as governments. As a developing nation, we don’t have to put other things first and sideline others, we can always do various things simultaneously, one of them being considering environmental conservation as important just as business in our endeavor to see countrywide development.


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