How real a threat is human kind to the environment?

It is without a doubt that those keen on the state of our environment globally has been degrading a lot faster in some places than others. Governments and organisation looking to stop this deterioration put in place laws, measures and messages to remind us to protect and join in on the efforts to not only preserve the existing flora and fauna but see to it that we help mother nature get back to her former self in places where natural resources may have been depleted through human activities.

To begin to understand how real a threat our activities on this planet are we need to talk numbers and statistics. Here is a good example; according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the world’s volcanoes, both on land and under the sea generate about 200 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, while our automotive and industrial activities cause some 24 billion tons of CO2 emissions every year worldwide. Just a month ago we have seen a garbage landslide happen in Sri Lanka killing 10 people, injuring 20 more and destroy homes. Here in Kenya, for those living in Nairobi and have had a glimpse of the river get a clear picture of how heavily this river has been polluted with raw sewage and all sorts of garbage. The forest covering the Aberdare ranges keeps shrinking by the day, its trees to illegal logging and encroaching human population. Heaps of garbage and landfills just sitting there giving off a sickening stench most of it plastic material. If these just to mention a few are the burden on the environment of the small section of a country, imagine the scale of it all when you put all cities together that do not have proper garbage disposal and recycling systems in place, when they do not have organisations that do not have environmental regulations or observe the few put in place to see them do the right thing to protect the environment. Not to say that some cities do not try at all to manage waste from both homes and industries but clearly not enough has been done and little is done to see that people follow the set rules and those that don’t are punished, either due to corruption and sheer


  • Companies and homes that dump raw waste into water bodies need to get fined, proper methods of disposals put in place, proper planning needs to be done when setting up new establishments such as estate properties to ensure a good job on waste disposal.
  • Administrations need to encourage youth to come up with new solutions for environmental conservation by organizing project development forums which would support some of the best projects and see them implemented bringing to life some of the greatest ideas in the minds of the youth alive creating employment in the process.
  • Governments with forests within their borders need to put in place strict regulations and punishment regarding cutting down of trees and encroaching into forest land.
  • The government could partner up with various companies looking to support environmental protection initiatives and see to it that seedlings are given for free and land designated for tree planting in all regions.
  • Places known to be hit by drought and famine year after year can have wells sunk to access water which would be used to supply livestock with water and encourage other methods of sustainable livelihood such as farming and keeping a managable number of amount of animals that can be easily supported by the sizes of land they own.

The above methods could be of great help to mother nature which we have seen heavily burden by years of neglect, degrading waste disposal means and depletion of resources ranging from, excessive fishing, hunting to extinction of some species that played a key role in the food chain and massive clearing of forest, mostly driven by our greed for more money faster without thinking of the consequences.




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