New Year Resolutions


Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all have had a good first week of the year and that among the resolutions each of us made, if you did, is to help make the world greener than it currently is, plant a tree or trees, properly use clean water, recycle, cut down on food wastage and minimize air pollution any way each of us can.

My applause goes to the companies helping to conserve the environment by showing support to environmental protection organisations, advertising to raise awareness about the state of the global climate, advocating for the need to reduce pollution, exploring new clean energy solution and manufacturing environmental friendly products for use.

My concern is the small number of recycling plants available especially in the developing nations. I do see the need to set up more of these plants in these countries since they are a major consumer of plastic based products from toys, containers and electronics. Most of which quickly outlive their usefulness and are quickly disposed of in huge numbers.

Now the biggest problem in developing nations is the lack of enough recycling points and collection services. The amount of waste product overwhelms the small recycling plants available leading to an influx of garbage at the collection points causing a huge problem in terms of environmental pollution.

My hope is that major companies especially those are in business with  or looking to invest in developing nations do help set up recycling plants in these countries even if these plants will only recycle their products. Industries cheating to best emission tests like Volkswagen should be warned that eventually they will get caught and pay dearly through fines and loss of loyal customers they worked so hard to acquire. At home, let us all try to dispose specific garbage according to their type, plastic aside from glass aside from organic waste.

Have a prosperous year 2016 everyone!!!

Kibera near Olympic Estate

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