Green technology

As word spreads on environmental deterioration more companies embrace use of environmental friendly technology either through ways involved in production, material used in production and the end products released into the market for the consumers.With regards to the recent news from the automobile industries today I will focus on the car manufacturing industries.

With road transport ranking third on the list of 15 sources of greenhouse gases after power plants and residential buildings, car makers have embraced manufacture of both hybrid and electric models. Where this has not been applicable, the car manufacturers have input lighter material into the new model cars to reduce weight and LED lighting to reduce electric energy needed by the car bringing down carbon emission volumes.

Car companies such as NISSAN are in the lead on producing electric with the Nissan Leaf which happens to be the world’s all-time best selling highway-capable all-electric car. We have various car makers that have incorporates both fossil and electric power minimizing the amount of emission. These include the BMW i8 seriesToyota PRIUS, Chevy VoltTesla model S, 2011 Honda Civic, Ford escape, Lexus LS 600h l, Porsche Cayenne S, Mercedes ML 450, Fisker Karma, Saturn Vue Green Line Two-Mode, Cadillac Escalade, GMC Sierra, Hyundai Sonata, Infiniti M35h, KIA OptimaBuick Regal, Lincoln MKZ just to mention a few models, one from each of the many car maker companies today engaged in making of hybrid cars. Some of the cars above did not stay in production and pulled off the market.

Not to down look on some of the giant known car companies like Volkswagen but they are not in the list above because they were exposed and admitted to using emission altering software to hide the real amount of CO2 their vehicles emitted during test in the US. This includes Audi which admitted to using the same software soon after Volkswagen was busted.

I condemn the operation by Shell to try and drill for oil in the Arctic. This not only meant disturbing the delicate Arctic environment and putting the aquatic animals dwelling in this region at risk. In case of an accident like the one that happened to the BP oil company in the Gulf of Mexico, the results would obviously be catastrophic to both the habitat and the globe through a chain reaction.


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