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The Elephants and Rhinos

Today Kenya officially launched the use of one of the biggest and most anticipated projects made possible by the help of the Chinese government, the Standard gauge railway. It is a project I am also proud of and support since a railway transport sees to it that we reduce the number of trucks and buses …

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Environmental responsibility 

It is clear and without doubt that we all have individual responsibility to be protective of that which we hold dear in various aspects of life, one of those is the environment we live in. We all want clean air,  clean drinking water and nutritious food, not forgetting within close proximity of our habitats. Now, …

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Time to take action

Help save the elephants by signing this petition that would bring to a close Japan's website dedicated to the auction of elephant ivory and ivory products http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/411/060/918/?TAP=1732 Wherever you are across the globe, kindly sign this and share widely to drum up support that could see to it that we move a step further in saving …

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Energy vs Environment

We all know that oil is the driving force behind most of the economies there are worldwide. Industries, machinery, transportation among much more other things. To show you just how much the globe is dependent on oil, here are a few facts; Oil alone accounts for about 5terawatts of the total 15terawatts global annual energy …

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